Enjoy fantasy color

Enjoy Color Reviving

Coloring mask, the ideal complement to Enjoy Fantasy Color to customize and tone locks or the entire previously treated hair. Gives light and brilliance to both natural and tinted matt colors. Enhances the reflections of colors, streaks or highlights. Without ammonia, it contains anti-aging Lotus Flower Extracts and Baobab Extracts rich in antioxidant, nourishing and elasticizing Vitamin C. Application: After washing the hair and dabbing the excess water, apply Enjoy Color Reviving of the desired color, comb and leave on for 5 to 15 minutes according to the intensity of the desired reflection *. At the end of the installation, rinse thoroughly, proceed with drying.
Photo: Cleyton Ewerton da Pexels

Enjoy Mask Color&Reviving it can also be used as a direct coloring on bleached hair.

Photo: cottonbro da Pexels